Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So much Polish food to sample at the Red Apple, you'll break your insides trying. I did.

The Red Apple (Czerwone Jabłuszko) on N. Milwaukee in the heart of the Chicago Polish Village serves up a plethora of Old World favorites at buffet prices.

On this visit I sampled hearty lima bean soup, meat dumplings, delicate cabbage rolls, crispy breaded rolls filled with meat and cabbage, smooth whipped potatoes with an earthy yet bright mushroom gravy, rice with yellow bell peppers and carrots, coarse kielbasa in natural casing with steamed onions, stewed beets, pirogis, crispy potato pancakes, thick apple pancakes, and tangy cheese blintzes.

I left quite besotted with food. Getting back to my Streeterville apartment took more effort than I preferred. A nap would have been more suited to my condition.

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