Saturday, March 3, 2012

You don't need The Force to figure out if there's life on Mars Cafe's menu.

UPDATE: Mars Cafe has since changed ownership, with significant menu changes.
Desirous for breakfast after a night spent on a friend's couch, I walked across the street to Mars Cafe for a much needed pick-me-up. Their espresso made with Intelligentsia beans is full and robust. I look forward to visiting one of their coffeehouses the next time I visit Chicago.

The Moon Cheese panini is a tasty trio of cheeses with Dijon on a ciabatta roll. The tangy bite of Dijon and sharp blue cheese is a rebel assault on your taste buds, piggybacking a ride with the melty mozzarella and provolone. Eat it while it's Hoth!

The mustard may be too aggressive for some… If you only knew the power of the Dijon! If wary ask for a lighter schmear. The ciabatta roll from La Mie Bakery is soft and tasty with a crisp exterior that yields easily.

Sandwich egg, cream cheese, jam, and spinach in La Mie's ciabatta roll and you have The Solarz. Who would think such an unusual combination would work so well? I'm a big fan of medium poached egg, with yolk soft enough to be spreadable but not evisceratingly runny. This meets expectations.

Funny thing though. At times I swear I taste peanut butter! Is this some flavor profile that comes from egg and cream cheese paired with a classic PB mate like strawberry jam? Or just a simple Jedi mind trick… This is not the egg you were looking for. Either way it's a delightful rebellion against the empire of culinary conformity. Spinach adds a light vegetal crunch. Properly constructed sandwich Solarz is, and now one of my breakfast favorites. May The Solarz be within you… soon!

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