Monday, February 20, 2012

Fetch hither the fromage... Mmmwah!

Every few years I make a pilgrimage to Omaha’s Old Market for a weekend getaway. A favorite indulgence during my stays would be lunch en plein air at La Buvette, casually snacking on fine cheeses between sips of red wine.

I’ve always wanted to have that same experience at home and The Cheese Shop of Des Moines in the Shops at Roosevelt comes as close as it gets, minus cornichons and open-air seating.

On my first visit I went all out and sampled both the meat and cheese plates of the day, some divine cottage cheese, and a luscious fruit-laden Shiraz. And the best part? The wide-eyed look of delight when I brought the leftovers to a friend in the neighborhood.

I’ll still seek out La Buvette when I need some quality time away from home, but in the meantime the fromage mongers at The Cheese Shop of Des Moines are doing their best to make life here a little more civilized. Bon appétit!

Not your ordinary water service.

Cowgirl Creamery cottage cheese with clementine. Bright acidity. Toothy, well-definded curds.

Clockwise from top left: hard, cheddary Missouri Truckle; herb-encrusted Tome de Bordeaux; peppery, rich Bridgewater.

Clockwise from top left: melty Fra'Mani salame Rosa; garlicky Fra'Mani salame Toscano; rich La Quercia prosciutto Americano.

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Amy said...

We had almost exactly the same things! One cheese was different in the cheese plate, however. I thought the cottage cheese was great. We also added the Baconfest special of Bacon Crudo and some of the bread from La Mie. All very tasty.