Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recent eats: Jim's Coney Island, Mr. Filet, Abelardo's.

I've written about the beefburger from Ted's Coney Island on Ingersoll [see blog post], but Jim's Coney Island on S.W. Ninth also makes a decent loose-meat in a hot dog bun. Not as spiced as Ted's, it's still a fine sandwich.

I've enjoyed breakfast at Mr. Filet for years, particularly their Greek omelet [see blog post], but not once had I ever tried a much simpler cheese omelet. Nothing fancy, just slices of American cheese, nestled in a thin sheet of three eggs folded up several times into a tasty thick square. With hash browns, grilled onions, and a surprise smattering of feta cheese, it was a fine meal.

Burritos. I've had more than a few since Abelardo's opened their first metro location on Ingersoll [see blog post]. So on my last visit I changed up things and ordered a torta with chorizo and eggs. The base of the torta is a soft, yielding telera roll. A little too yielding with the moist filling within, picking up broken-off pieces off the waxed paper. The chorizo lacked the usual crisp spots I normally expect with the loose-meat sausage. The taste was also a surprise, touting a flavor more influenced by cinnamon than ground chili.

Good stuff, but next time I'll take my chorizo and eggs in a more manageable form, rolled up in a tortilla.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Coney Island. If I'm not eatin' a coney, I'm eatin' the beef burger. Good choice.