Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recent eats: Grillin Guys from Iowa, Auntie Anne's, Capital Pub and Hot Dog Co.

UPDATE: Capital Pub & Hot Dog has since closed.

I don't frequent mall food courts much, but on one occasion at Merle Hay Mall the Grillin Guys from Iowa piqued my interest. I ordered up a cheeseburger, fries and drink combo. The cheeseburger was unremarkable, being more bun than burger. You could add whatever condiments to your hearts content, but then you're further masking the taste of the burger. The crinkle-cut fries were much better, being quite golden and reasonably done. The seasoning though was uneven: some of the fries were too salty. One bright note: I got a lemon Starburst with my order.

What's more synonymous with indoor shopping malls than a Auntie Anne's pretzel? After the disappointing cheeseburger mentioned above, I felt the need for something more delectable. A jalapeño and cheese pretzel elicited a few minutes of pleasure as I tore off chunks to stuff into my mouth. The crunchy cheese that had formed on the underside was the best part.

After a couple of visits to Capital Pub & Hot Dog Co. last year [see blog post], I was intent on returning to tackle their half-pound hot dog, the aptly named Homewrecker. Finally getting the opportunity I order one with blue cheese and Capital's nuclear sauce, with a side of waffle fries. The surprisingly creamy nuclear sauce is equally hot and flavorful, the pungent blue cheese was abundant, and the big-ass all-beef hot dog was appropriately meaty. Seasoned waffle fries filled the remaining gaps in my belly very nicely. On my return, I'd like to load up one of these bad boys with chili, cheese and onions. You might want to avoid me for a day or so afterward.

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