Friday, May 18, 2012

Recent eats: Rock Power Pizza, Chisme, La Michoacana.

UPDATE: Rock Power Pizza and Chisme have since closed. Rock Power has since reopened as Chef D's Rock Power Pizza.

Having enjoyed Rock Power's Everything Sauce when I could purchase it at the Downtown Farmers' Market, I was curious about their pizza. After a couple of failed attempts – one time I was hours early before they opened, the second finding them closed 25 minutes past their posted opening time – I finally got an opportunity. Their large bacon cheeseburger pizza sports an impressive number of pickle slices: visually appealing, but overpowering. After a few slices, I peeled off the rest and ate them separately. Pickles aside the pizza was tasty enough with a good balance between cheese and the Everything Sauce. Pieces of ground beef, onion, bacon were evenly distributed, but boasted little flavor due to their fine size. Larger chunks would have been more complimentary and satisfying.

On an April visit to Chisme for lunch I got to try their chips and salsa. The salsa was cool, fresh, and tomatoey. So good I'd drink it like a tomato sangrita with shots of tequila blanco. Tortilla chips were fresh, crispy, lightly seasoned.

I took the opportunity to take in the sights and tastes of Valley Junction's Festival Cinco de Mayo earlier this month [see blog post], and was entranced by the chorizo and onions that La Michoacana was grilling at their tent. Upon my return I ordered instead the spicy pork tamales, with sides of beans, rice and pico de gallo. Outstanding flavor, with no slouching on the heat!

I needed something to wash down such a fine repast. Chisme had just the thing with its Lime Drop Martini, made with Absolut Citron, a lime-infused simple syrup, and shaken with ice. Sweet and tart: a fine drink for a hot afternoon. With just enough room in my belly for one more nosh, I went outside to Chisme's tent where Chef Jesus was offering up slices of his Al Pastor pizza. A cheesy, meaty marriage of marinated pork and mozzarella, with green salsa, cilantro and onions adding subtle flavors. Comfort foods of the world unite!

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