Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recent eats: Classic Frozen Custard, University Library Cafe, Los Laureles.

With the coming of spring I resumed my visits to Classic Frozen Custard [see blog post] and found a new flavor to sample: Green Apple – creamy with an oh-so-slight Granny Smith tartness. A squirt of caramel sauce on top would be delightful.

I talked a friend into breakfast at the University Library Cafe after enjoying several meals there a few month's back [see blog post]. They got bacon and eggs with hash browns, I ordered corned beef hash with eggs. The chunky hash browns – accentuated with peppers and onions – were cooked through well but could have used some browning. Corned beef hash was quite rustic, with abundant shreds of beef. A tad greasy though, but worth trying again to see if it was a fluke.

I also lightly twisted the same dining companion's arm into huevos rancheros at Los Laureles. Some ranchera sauces have pork or beef, some are meatless like the sauce atop my eggs on this visit. Having frequented Los Laureles many times [see blog post] I was pretty much satisfied with my order. The ensalada with a juicy ripe slice of tomato was a pleasing accent. Tortilla chips only came with two kinds of salsa, with the tart, citrusy tomatillo being absent. It wasn't my favorite of the three – the others being tomatoey salsa roja and picante avocado-tomatillo – but I still appreciated its unique flavor.

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