Friday, June 24, 2011

Italian grinders and frozen custard. Oh my!

For all the times I’ve frequented Classic Frozen Custard, I’ve never strayed from ordering anything but their fabulous namesake. Here’s but a few of the flavors I’ve sampled over the years.

From left: black raspberry, cherry nut, maple walnut.

Of late I’ve been particularly fond of their coconut frozen custard. Besides boasting a creamy coconut flavor, the custard is accentuated with plentiful bits of toasted coconut. Oh, the texture, the taste! Macaroon lovers will love this treat. Lemon is another favorite of mine.

Recently I set aside my usual routine and ordered an Italian Grinder. The grinder, served on a soft, untoasted hoagie roll, reminded me more of a Sloppy Joe than of anything like the grinders served at places like Bordenaro’s or Kelly’s Little Nipper [see blog post]. Sprinkled with a decent amount of mozzarella, it’s best to let your grinder rest a few minutes in its wrapper to allow the cheese to melt. As pictured below, I didn’t wait long to dig in.

Though not as toasty or zesty as the aforementioned grinders, Classic Frozen Custard’s Italian Grinder is still great comfort food, and easily the most kid-friendly grinder in town. I won’t hesitate to order another one, as long as I save room for a creamy cup of frozen heaven.

Take note, coming early in the day to Classic Frozen Custard offers an opportunity to order up remains of the custard made the day before. The extra time in the freezer overnight affords a firmer consistency.

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