Thursday, August 23, 2012

George's Veggie Burger at Django. And solid onion rings to boot!

UPDATE: Django has since closed and is in the process of re-opening at 1420 Locust St in late summer 2018.

On a rare occasion for a work day lunch I ventured over to Django intent on sampling George's Veggie Burger, named after baker, chef, and restauranteur George Formaro.

The first thing that took me aback when I got my burger was the side of onion rings I ordered. They were awesome! I don't know what the garishly orange seasoning blend is on them but it is quite savory and delicious. A serious contender for best in the metro.

Built on a uniquely soft bun with an appealing chew, the patty offered a nice crisp from its time on the grill. Quite akin to a Gardenburger-type meat analogue as opposed to textured vegetable protein, the one glaring difference between this patty and your store-bought variety is the surprising presence of flavor.

A slice of white cheddar complements. Lettuce, red onion, and tomato round out the sandwich. A good, satisfying build.

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