Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Once more unto the breach, Corigliano's, once more.

UPDATE: Corigliano's Pizza has since closed.

Corigliano's Pizza, after many years on S.W. Ninth across the street from Lincoln High, made several attempts at operating a downtown location in the past decade before settling down more successfully on Fleur Drive.

This summer, Corigliano's made yet another go around downtown with a Kaleidoscope food court location. As opposed to the Partnership's Building's Skywalk death zone where Corigliano's had lasted barely a month, this new venture looks more promising. This spring Flarah's opened a kitchen-less carryout in the Partnership Building spot with some degree of success.

First I tried a slice of the Veggie. The whole ring of pepper on top is distinctive as is the hint of crushed red pepper in the veneer of red sauce. Enough mushroom to take some notice of, but the finely diced onion is mildly discernible. In comparison the Meat Lovers is much more satisfying with pepperoni, sausage, and thinly sliced capicola. The zesty flavors pleasantly linger on the palate.

The Cheese pizza is innocuous enough and kid-friendly for even the most finicky eater. Gone was the zest of the red sauce on this slice, but in fairness the spicy Meat Lovers could have easily eschewed my taste buds.

The Combo with pepperoni, black olive, green and red pepper, mushroom, onion, sausage and capicola makes a better veggie slice, if you just ignore the meats.

The crust is crisp and sturdy enough; the plain rind is pleasant to nibble on, with a taste reminiscent of saltines. Cheese serves its function to meld toppings with crust.

For the lunch crowd of busy worker bees who buzz about the Kaleidoscope food court, it fits the bill. However, with Something Italian's awesome creations only a block away on the Skywalk [see blog post], and Fong's just another block further [see blog post], I don't see frequenting Corigliano's much.

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