Monday, August 27, 2012

Recent eats: Gyros at Mr. Filet, PerKup Cafe's Breakfast Platter, stuffed cabbage rolls.

I eat breakfast so often at Mr. Filet [see blog post] I tend to forget they also serve up a variety of grilled meats and potatoes either baked or fried for lunch. Being a fan of their Greek omelet its a non-brainer that I too also enjoy their simple Greek-American gyro sandwich.

A spiced, finely ground lamb and beef meatloaf sliced off from a vertical spit and given a quick sear on the flat grill. Soft, breadly pita spends some some time warming on the grill as well. Served simply with thinly sliced onion, a dollop of sour cream based tzatziki sauce, and a side of crispy fries. A generous drizzle of Heinz 57 steak sauce on my fries completes the meal. On occasion I've substituted a baked potato for the fries.

A return visit to the PerKup Cafe reacquainted me with their crispy hash browns, perfectly cooked over easy eggs, and toast made with hearty Big Sky bread. If you've got a big appetite, try the Breakfast Platter with three eggs of your choice, four pieces of bacon or links of sausage, hash browns and toast. On this occasion I requested half bacon, half sausage. This will make your morning.

The name of the Downtown Farmers' Market vendor escapes me but there's no forgetting the deliciousness of the stuffed cabbage rolls they serve. Tart and meaty, cabbage leaves are wrapped around a mixture of spiced ground meat and white rice, steamed, and served up with a loose sauce. A tidy little package.

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