Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Breakfast Burritos

Curious about the breakfast burritos at Bandit Burrito in Johnston, I took a long stroll up Merle Hay from Madison one sunny Sunday morning to give them a try.

Bandit builds their burritos with moist scrambled egg, shredded cheese, substantial cubes of potato, green chile sauce, and breakfast meat du jour. On this visit it was huge, tender chunks of meaty ham.

Having enjoyed burritos from train-side vendors in El Paso, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas, N.M. I can testify that the green chile served here is very comparable in texture and consistency as the burrito I enjoyed in sleepy Las Vegas. However I much prefer the burritos from the bigger cities where they employ chopped and roasted green chile instead of chile stew.

Nonetheless Bandit's green chile sauce, made with chiles, pork, and stock is excellent. A chunkier variant would make a fine stew, perfect a classic New Mexican smothered burrito.

I also tried a breakfast burrito sans the ham but with the addition of watermelon salsa. Tasty but a little watery without rice to soak up the juice.

A few weekends' later I found myself stranded in Valley Junction and was crestfallen to have found one of my favorite haunts – Giff Wagner's 5th St. Pub – had changed ownership and was now G. Mig's 5th Street Pub. I was pleased to find little had changed inside, except for behind the bar where the kitchen area had transformed from a small grill and a duo of stacked conveyor ovens to a full-fledged grill and stove-top.

Along with the upgraded cooking surfaces, the menu too has undergone a transformation. The new weekend breakfast menu offers up such familiar standards as omelets, pancakes, eggs, meat, hash browns, toast, biscuits with sausage gravy, and a top-notch breakfast burrito.

Migsie's Burrito features a jalapeño-cheddar tortilla filled with sliced links of chorizo, a trio of scrambled eggs, a plank of crispy hash browns, cheddar-jack cheese, slices of avocado, poblano chiles, green onions and a chipotle aioli. The burrito packs so much flavor into its tidy package that it renders the sides of sour cream and salsa unnecessary. It's an awesome, unique burrito and a serious contender to my favorite breakfast in tube form, Abelardo's hash brown burrito [see blog post].

Other breakfast items at G. Mig's: Biscuits and gravy; Eggs, bacon and hash browns.

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