Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last day at the 2012 Iowa State Fair

Returning to the Iowa State Fair since my visit on opening day [see blog post]  I resolved to try some other food items I had not eaten before at the Fair.

Having tried the Polish with everything at Hardenbrook's sausage stand, I had to try a foot-long hot dog with the same treatment: loaded up with kraut and grilled peppers and onions. In all likelihood the best foot-long on the grounds, but next year I'll return for the Polish sausage, or better yet sample the bratwurst.

Nearby, another stand offered foot-longs but with the added bonus of chili for a topper. The chili is innocuous enough and quite beany, but the wiener pales in comparison to Hardenbrook's superior product.

I stumbled upon one of Colonial's nut roll stands on the Triangle and tried their dark chocolate-dipped cashew roll on-a-stick: a wad of chewy nougat speared on a stick, dipped in caramel, rolled in cashews, then finished with a dip in chocolate. Extraordinarily good!

On a lark I sought out the hard-boiled egg on-a-stick, offered for free in the Agriculture Building. I sprinkled some of Cookie's zesty Flavor Enhancer seasoning and tucked into a perfectly-cooked egg with none of that greenish hue around the surface of the yolk, an often seen result of overcooking.

Lastly I sauntered up to Crescenti's for one of their fry bread sandwiches, this one with salami and shredded mozzarella tucked inside. The fry bread was neat to eat but the salami and cheese, both still chilled, were a disappointment. Had the salami been grilled or at the least microwaved the cheese could have melted and made this sandwich noteworthy.

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