Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Lord of the 'Rings': The Return of the Donut King

UPDATE: Donut King closed on March 20, 2016. The building is to be torn down for new development.

A couple of weeks after Dunkin' Donuts [see blog post of later visit] opened up in West Des Moines, I wandered out there on a chilly Saturday morning, more interested in sampling breakfast sandwiches than doughnuts. Finding a fifteen minute wait inside, and drive-thru traffic backed up onto Eighth Street I angrily stormed off to revisit Donut King nearby on Grand [see blog post of previous visit].

Despite the hubbub at Dunkin' Donuts – not unlike the maddening clamor when Krispy Kreme rolled into town a few years back – business at Donut King was brisk and lively, seemingly unaffected.

If there was one ring to rule them all it would be the Peanut, available either on a plain or chocolate doughnut. Surprisingly moist. A damn fine doughnut!

The Raspberry, a jam-filled raised doughnut is light and airy, and not as sweet as I would have expected with all that powdered sugar. My doughnut exhibited uneven filling, concentrated to one side. Such idiosyncrasies should be expected from a made-by-hand product.

The Buttercrunch with a pebbly, yellow-tinged exterior is sweet and messy. A little sweet for my tooth, but the kids should like it.

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Ed said...

Their glazed toasted coconut is second to none. Dunkin has a terrible location not to mention what smells like a sewage back-up problem. I've brought my kids there twice and each time the dinning area smells of sewage backup. We will not go back and next time we go for donuts it will be back to Donut King.

slakingfool said...

I have to agree about the questionable aroma. And I know others whom have caught a whiff.