Thursday, May 16, 2013

Experimentation is a good thing at 515 Brewing Company.

On two visits to 515 Brewing Company, a new micro-brewer in Clive, I was impressed with their range of small batch brews. Some were quite good, but one in particular, the Lil' Tart sour ale, perplexed me. To my palate it tasted like liquefied SweeTarts minus the sugar and artificial fruit flavorings. My drinking companions that night were not as taken aback with the sour kick as I.

Lil' Tart.
Stout of the Closet.

Another visit on my own offered more appealing brews for my tastes. The Stout of the Closet starts dry on the first taste, but the malt opens ups on subsequent sips. An enjoyable quaff. The amusing Hopititis-A, an 8.3% double IPA, sports a palatable nose and pleasant bitterness. I'd lobby for more.

You never know what you're going to drink at 515 Brewing. All the reason to return frequently.

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