Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Bits of Food Detritus: Laack's Cheese, pizza at Centro, Ted's beefburger, TR's Winston.

I discovered Laack's Caribbean Red Hot Jack at Graziano Brothers. Laced with habanero, its quite zippy, but still cheesy in that special way Monterey Jack lovers can appreciate.

Of late I've been finding myself noshing on pizza at Centro, whether after a depressing day of wage servitude or a Gray's Lake beer crawl of Confluence and Exile. Its just so handy to take home. And with the relative freshness of the crushed red peppers in their shakers I have no qualms dosing it up at the bar while the pizza is still hot. Pepperoni and onion is my usual combination, but double pepperoni floats my boat as well.

I've talked about the superior beefburger served at Ted's Coney Island [see blog post], but I had to share some food porn from my last visit. Its my favorite this side of the Canteen in Ottumwa [see blog post].

Its not on the menu at TR's Sports Bar in Clive, but if you ask nicely the hard-working cook there might make you an awesome Winston breakfast sandwich. Basically its the Mama's Special Sandwich, made with two fried eggs, ham, bacon, sausage patties, and two slices of American cheese on a soft focaccia roll. The difference is that the Winston includes a thin layer of crispy hash browns and the eggs are cooked over easy, so all that runny yolk mingles down onto the sandwich. You could try to eat it without a fork, but I wouldn't advise it. UPDATE: TR's has since closed.

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