Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tasty, tidy pizzas at Michael's Pizza in Beaverdale.

Michael's Reuben is magnificent, featuring a thin and crispy light rye crust topped with a five cheese blend. Finely chopped corned beef lends its essence throughout while Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut add a light tanginess.

The Meatball serves up tender housemade meatballs, abundant bell pepper and onion, mushroom, garlic, and a bright tomato sauce. A pleasure to eat!

The Creole is superbly cheesy with mozzarella and cheddar. The Cajun red sauce is thick and tomatoey. With hot sausage, jalapeño, bell pepper and garlic, the zestiness kicks in after the first bite.

The Taco is elegant in presentation, something I never thought I'd ascribe to a taco pizza. Torn lettuce and the unevenly crushed Doritos are visually pleasing. Peeling back this flourish reveals a build of ground beef and veggies. Beneath the cheese lies a thin veneer of refried beans and salsa; its not as assertive as the tasty bean sauce on the taco pizza at NYC Pizza [see blog post], but does lend to the overall flavor. Not as eye-opening as the other pizzas I enjoyed at Michael's but comforting in its familiar flavors.

The pizzas at Michael's may be delightful but a few Twitter pals of mine were disappointed with the size of the pies for the price paid. I grudgingly agree the pizzas are on the tidy side.

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