Sunday, June 30, 2013

Return to 515 Brewing: Running the gamut from bitter to tart.

The Coconut Vanilla porter for me does not so much as outright taste of its namesake ingredients, but rather their influence. Others at the bar were well able to ascertain their flavors.

Not generally being a fan of wheat beers, 515's Mexican Spring, an agave/lime infused offering, boasts a delightful citrus flavor! This lowly drinker is impressed.

The D.A.R.T. Dodger is an approachable IPA, highly drinkable for the uninitiated palate as well as for those more accustomed to the bitter charms of the hop.

515's second batch of Li'l Tart sour ale is considerably less pucker inducing than version 1.0 [see blog post]. The taming of the sour makes this bracing batch quite enjoyable. I'll continue to seek it to round out a beer flight of quality, exceptional, and downright surprising 515 brews.

Coconut Vanilla porter.
Mexican Spring wheat beer.
D.A.R.T. Dodger IPA.
Li'l Tart sour ale.

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