Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A sedentary day followed by a roadtrip to Pyramid Lake and Gerlach.
Spring Vacation 2013, Part 6

Wednesday, May 8

Here in the Virginia Foothills, its been gray, cloudy, cool and rainy ever since I arrived days ago. The worst vacation weather I've experienced in years. Not expecting much I spent the day at the house, relaxing with the dogs, catching up on laundry, and eating leftover pizza for breakfast and lunch.

Surprisingly, at some point, the clouds peel away to reveal partly sunny skies. And here I was, stuck in the sticks. Hopefully tomorrow would be a more adventurous day.

Thursday, May 9

On this sunny morning, Yvonne and I prepare for a road trip north, all the way to sleepy, distant Gerlach, Nevada. A tiny, isolated community out in the middle of nowhere for 51 weeks of the year, except for the week leading up to Labor Day when Burning Man moves into the adjacent playa of the Black Rock Desert, and Gerlach becomes the convenience store for over 50,000 people.

Before hitting the road, we stop at the Truckee Bagel Company in Reno for tasty bagel sandwiches. Yvonne noshes on a open face bagel with cream cheese and salmon, while I tuck into a Southwest with egg, cheddar and andouille sausage on a zesty jalapeño bagel. Yum!

On the road for an hour-and-a-half, we take a brief stop at a scenic overlook at Pyramid Lake, before driving a further ninety minutes to reach our ultimate destination, Bruno's Country Club in Gerlach. Why? For Bruno's handmade ravioli [see blog post]. Before I settle down for lunch I hit the bar within for a Bud and a shot of Vat 69.

Back in Reno I bid adieu to Yvonne and settled into Room 1666 at the Harrah's Reno downtown for the next two nights. Though not as isolated as I was the previous four nights, the view isn't much to crow about.

After a rest, I venture out to J.J.'s Pie Co. on W. Fifth to revisit a pizza I enjoyed way back in 2007 – but still had fond memories of – the Valdez [see blog post].

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