Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Valdez at J.J.'s Pie Co. in Reno is a world-class pizza. A must try!
Spring Vacation 2013, Part 8

On a recent trip to Reno I took an opportunity to revisit a pizza I enjoyed way back in 2007 – but still had fond memories of – the Valdez at J.J.'s Pie Co. on W. Fifth.

The build on J.J.'s Valdez offers chorizo, jalapeño, tomato, Italian sausage, bell peppers, and cumin. Juicy, meaty, veggie laden, and zesty! But most of all the smoky flavor of cumin defines this marvelous pizza. It rocks! With a thick yeasty, crunchy rind that begs for dipping, sides like ranch and honey are offered. J.J.'s isn't the only pizzeria in Reno that serves honey for dipping [see blog post].

Onion rings ordered as an appetizer are wide cut, enrobed in a thin, sweet batter. A nice alternative to the thin, breaded strands so common in Des Moines.

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