Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last day in Reno.
Spring Vacation 2013, Part 10

Saturday, May 11

Despite the previous evening's sausage fest, I found myself feeling peckish on my last day in Reno. I took a lengthy walk down E. Fifth to the 5th Street Bakehouse for the best chilaquiles [see blog post] I've enjoyed this side of the Chicago Board of Trade.

One the way back downtown I stop into my favorite bar in Reno, The Patio, for a tall screwdriver. Killing time before I catch the eastbound Zephyr I cool my heels watching the action at the National Bowling Stadium. This place is huge! Eventually I had take my leave: the cacophony of balls and pins is putting me to sleep. Normally I'd welcome that.

Waiting for my ride in the Reno Trench, I took some train porn and spied some dude sacked out on the platform with a lit cig and Bud tallboy. A neat trick to nod off and keep your cig in hand.

Eventually I'm aboard and bid adieu to Reno. Dinner that night was remarkably unperturbed with company. I had an unremarkable salad and dinner roll, and a passable pasta with spinach, mushroom & feta, with green & wax beans. The chocolate mousse, however, was smooth and tasty.

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