Monday, June 22, 2015

"What what, in the Hut? You wanna donut in the Hut, in the Hut?"

Its all 'smiles' at the Donut Hut on the corner of 50th and Douglas. The most popular baked good here is the apple fritter, and I can taste why. Crisp glazing, lightly sweet. Solid, balanced flavor throughout. Magnificent!

For doughnuts the Coconut Crunch, left, is substantial with a dense, moist cake, enrobed with a simple glaze affixed with toasted coconut. The Cinnamon Crumb, right, easily sates a jonesin' for cinnamon toast.

Donut Hut's Double Chocolate, left, is a little on the sweet side. Hiland Bakery's offering is the clear superior in this town [see blog post]. The Red Velvet, right, is much better than Dunkin' Donuts offering, but Topped Doughnuts' over-the-top build is still my favorite [see blog post].

The Chocolate Chip, left, has a few mini chips dashed about, only a hint of chocolate flavor comes through. For raised doughnuts I tried a fine lemon bismarck, right. Boasting structure while giving up a soft chew, the tart lemon filling perks things up.

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