Monday, May 27, 2013

Take the high road to Hiland Bakery for quality doughnuts.

Since 1946, family-owned Hiland Bakery has been offering a variety of assorted baked goods. On a rainy Saturday morning I took the bus up to Highland Park and scored a box of pastries to go. Back home I set about sampling my bounty.

Hiland's cake doughnuts are moist with a firm structure. The cherry-frosted is sweet with good cherry flavor. Chocolate-batter doughnuts boast significant cocoa flavor in the cake. Topped with a decadently chocolatey frosting, the combo is devastating! The best double chocolate doughnut in town, period. As a specialty item made occasionally and by request, Hiland offers a cherry-batter doughnut enrobed in a simple glaze. The cherry flavor is subtle.

Raised doughnuts usually suffer from being airy puffballs, but not Hiland's roll-like doughnut with crushed peanuts and chocolate frosting. Light, yet with body, the whole package practically qualifies as a meal in itself. A powdered sugar-coated variety with a creme center is just so wrong. Tender and pillowy, the sugar rush unleashes the Cornholio within. A creme-filled raised doughnut, frosted in chocolate is stunning. Pillowy, creamy, chocolately. An ultimate for sure!

I have a fondness for krispies. My pal Kirch loved them, the crispier the better. Hiland's variety is quite good – exhibiting some crispness – with cinnamon flavor throughout plus a center accented with toasted coconut. The cheese Danish is perfectly fine, but places like La Mie and Sweet Binney's have spoiled me with their flakier offerings. But there's no denying that Hiland Bakery's doughnuts are the best in Des Moines.

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