Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Saturday in Omaha: Afternoon in Benson

August 17

Invigorated from the Bloody Mary enjoyed at the Dundee Cork & Bottle [see blog post] I ventured on quick 0.8 mile jaunt over the rolling landscape to catch a Metro bus on the Northwest Radial Highway. Out of breath at my destination, I realized that I miscalculated the bus arrival and had rushed for naught. After a 20 minute wait, I was on the bus and minutes later strolling down Maple Street through the business district of Benson, a former suburb gobbled up by Omaha, in 1917.

A Benson fixture: the mural on the outer wall of Beercade, an arcade/bar.

I walked around the neighborhood, under the hot midday sun, but only made two stops. At the Benson Brewery I enjoyed a flight of beers. Highlights: the Benson Dirty Blonde was crisp and bitter, the Adopted Amber Ale sports an appealing tongue-curling quality, and the Karha-T chai ale is very chai, no lie – in aroma and taste.

A delightful lagniappe was a flight-sized cocktail – the Karha Comb – made with house honeycomb bourbon, a vanilla bean simple syrup and the Karha-T chai ale. While the drink still sported a head I could spot the flecks of vanilla bean suspended on top. The taste? Just... wow!

For lunch, I popped into Leo's Diner intent on ordering a half-pound burger, but a special-of-the-day lured me into its web – the Bac' Mother, i.e., bacon & M&M's pancakes. Sweet and savory, I passed on syrup. These plate-sized pancakes were delicious.

Foolishly I ordered optional sides which were another breakfast unto themselves: two eggs, hash browns, a large sausage patty, and a Rotella English muffin. With all this before me, I skipped on the muffin, and polished off only half of the pancakes.

Next time I visit Benson I'll do the smart thing and start the day first at Leo's, and on an empty stomach.

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