Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Saturday in Omaha: Morning in Dundee

Dundee Bloody Dundee

August 17

Finally roaming the streets of Omaha, despite a late arrival on the Megabus over from Des Moines. I made my way to the corner of 72nd & Dodge to catch a timely Metro bus to take me to 50th Street, where I walked north to explore Dundee, a neighborhood annexed by Omaha in 1915.

On Underwood Ave. I found a quaint small business area. Seeking breakfast I settled into a small cafe operated by the Le Quartier Baking Company. Le Quartier offers a wide assortment of breads and pastries in Lincoln and Omaha, rather like what La Mie offers the Des Moines metro, but with greater distribution.

With a bottle of orange juice, I tucked into a delightful ham, cheddar and cream cheese croissant. Crisp and savory!

Artisan breads, a varitey of quiches, and a tasty ham and cheese croissant.

For my second course I'm served a delightful plate of biscuits and gravy. The gravy is incredible! Well flavored with some lingering zest. Truely the second best sausage gravy I've ever tasted. Only George Formaro's crew at Centro tops this [see blog post]. Pillowy, fork tender biscuits, flecked with herbs. The texture is so light, I mistook these for ciabatta rolls until I was informed otherwise from the counter.

Sated I wandered the neighborhood, looking for a drink. While investigating the location of a falafel shop, I spotted a wee bar next door to investigate.

The Dundee Cork & Bottle is a tiny tavern, with half of its space occupied with the display of fine wines and cigars, and most of its seats located outside on the sidewalk. I moseyed up to the bar – just long enough to lie down on – and ordered a dram of Glenmorangie with a waterback.

An assortment of fine wines, a decently stocked humidor, and a bargain Bloody Mary.

I lingered inside just long enough to cool down, then went outside to engage in conversation with the barkeep who was enjoying a smoke, and another patron quaffing a simple three-dollar Bloody Mary, which I found myself intent on trying. Tomatoey and with a dose of both Red Devil and Tapatio hot sauces, its a perfect thirst quencher and a bargain to crow about.

Le Quartier Baking Company on Urbanspoon Dundee Cork & Bottle on Urbanspoon

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