Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tube meats great and small.

Scimeca's Sausages of Kansas City has been showing up at events this summer in Des Moines, notably the Des Moines Arts Festival, the Italian American Heritage Festival, and the World Food & Music Festival.

I first came across Scimeca's at the Des Moines Arts Festival, where I tried their half-pound Italian sausage link with grilled onions and peppers. The flavorful, seasoned link exhibited a crisp skin that popped with each bite. Veggies retained a subtle, satisfying crunch. I welcome their return next summer.

At the Downtown Farmers Market I picked up a bottle of Big Daddy's Fire & Brimstone BBQ sauce. I cracked open the bottle to dress up a couple of naked dogs from Hotshots. Hot, spicy and sweet!

A couple days later I'd dip into more of the sauce with a doughy pretzel dog from King's Pretzels on the Skywalk in the Kaleidoscope on Walnut.

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