Monday, November 25, 2013

Looking back at local brews enjoyed in warmer months.

Left: Exile Brewing's summer seasonal, Isabelle, a Kölsch style ale conditioned in lager tanks for over a month. Light enough for the dog days, but with enough bitterness to take notice. Goes down easy. Right: Exile's GKP. Bitter finish but refreshing. Sat well with my udon & chili bean breakfast.

Left: Peace Tree's Blonde Fatale, an unfiltered Belgian style blonde ale. Mouthful of floral hides the high alcohol content of 8.5% ABV. In short, it'll fuck you up. Right: 515 Brewing's Hopititis B, a 9.2% ABV American Imperial ale. Floral nose, fruit on the palate. A smooth quaff.

Left: 515's Belgian Dubbel B. Tart, easy to drink. I'm more partial to the Hopititis B though. Right: Lastly, also from 515, is the Numb Nut, a highly spiced brown ale. Allspice dominates! I wanna make chili and loose-meat sammies with this stuff.

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