Thursday, November 28, 2013

Random Bites of Dessert: Thelma's Treats, Topped Doughnuts, Bauder Pharmacy.

With Amici Espresso closing its doors next month after seven years on the corner of Sixth & Mulberry, I'll not only miss the baristas, but a few of the treats served there as well.

Thelma's Treats has made a favorable impression in the Metro the few short years they've been offering fresh baked cookies for delivery, and ice cream cookie sandwiches available at a handful of venues. You're probably familiar with the them at the Downtown Farmers Market, but they can be purchased year-round from Mars Cafe, Gateway Market, Jersey Freeze in Monroe, and lastly at Amici until Dec. 13.

Thelma's peanut butter cookie and chocolate ice cream sandwich is a classic combination that pairs well with strong coffee. Its a substantial dessert and a fun treat that's hard to beat.

People in these parts pretty much lost their freaking minds when Dunkin' Donuts returned to Iowa a year ago after a decades-long absence. And there was a similar hubbub a few years back when Krispy Kreme opened up shop here.

We quickly forget about our local doughnut purveyors, who still garner loyal followings: Hiland Bakery, Donut King, Donut Hut, and certainly the most eye-catching – Topped Doughnuts.

Sure, doughnuts like the Red Velvet and the Maple Bacon get all the attention, but have you tried their simple chocolate frosted doughnut? Chocolatey ganache, the cake doughnut sports a slight crisp with a dense interior. Its pure and simple comfort food.

I will miss the convenience of their availability when Amici closes.

A rare treat is Bauder Pharmacy's Mocha Latte ice cream bar. Bar is an understatement, its a brick! Available only during the Iowa State Fair, at their stand or the pharmacy, the bar offers several inches of coffee-flavored ice cream sandwiched within two layers of Oreo cookie crumb crust.

Though not available year round, an ice cream pie version is available as a special order. I should also point out that Bauder's is the rare purveyor of housemade ice cream year-round. Folks in the Beaverdale neighborhood pining for Snookies Malt Shop should swing down to this Ingersoll fixture for a cool creamy fix. Bauder's fruit flavored ice creams are a personal favorite.

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