Thursday, February 13, 2014

Swell Mexican fare comes to Dogtown: Visits to Fernando's Mexican Grill.

I visited Fernando's Mexican Grill, located in Drake University’s Dogtown, a couple times a few months ago and was fairly impressed with their simple, tasty fare.

Quesadillas made to spec feature prominently at Fernando's. You're only seeing half of this ground beef and cheese quesadilla, pictured below left. The other slices are nestled underneath those on top. Salsa picante on the side is excellent for dipping, dripping, and slurping. Its heat lingers long on the tongue.

Fernando’s offers a variety of simmered meats for their burritos, tacos and tortas. But piqued with their vegetarian offering I ordered a burrito with soft seasoned tofu, sautéed with pico de gallo, garlic, plus rice, beans, and jalapeños, pictured below center and right. Its softer than what I prefer for tofu, but otherwise filling and worth revisiting.

The real value at Fernando’s comes from eschewing the confining tortilla and opting for a roomy burrito bowl. Made to your specs, its a lot of food.

What really floats my boat is the poblano chile relleno plate. Crispy, cheesy, zesty: its the perfect comfort food. Accompanying queso is the tits! The quite, quite cheesy rellenos don’t need any improvement; so save the queso to accent your burrito. The side of rice doesn't add anything to the dish but unnecessary carbs.

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