Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The good life at Los Laureles.

The good life at Los Laureles begins with complimentary chips with salsas. The tomato-based salsa roja tastes of cilantro. My favorite, the avocado-tomatillo salsa, packs a good solid heat that builds slow and leaves a great tingling afterglow. An added side of chunky guacamole, like the salsa roja, is replete with cilantro.

Normally I'll order a trio of chorizo tacos, but on this day I felt adventurous and selected a quartet of meats: from top left clockwise: pastor (pork), pollo (chicken), chorizo (sausage), and asada (beef). The pastor is richly flavored and accentuated with chunks of pineapple; the pollo is very tender; the savory chorizo features crispy bits; while the asada is, well, beefy.

The whole lot is garnished with cilantro and onion, with sliced radish and lime wedges on the side. All in all, a good meal. ¡Bueno!

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