Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breakfast at BOS: An Eggs Benedict sans eggs? Oops!

I sat down at BOS at the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel for breakfast late last year, deciding on whether to order from the menu or go with the breakfast buffet. Then I saw the Iowa Eggs BenedictGraziano's sweet sausage, wilted spinach, topped with a Choron sauce, with a side of hash browns. I knew what my choice would be, plus a side of their thick-cut bacon, because buffet or not I wanted bacon.

So intent I was to dissect the Benedict when it came to my table. The sausage patty had a hint of pink, but still appeared to be thoroughly cooked. It was also quite firm; a steak knife was in order. A dimple pressed into the middle would have helped in its formation while cooking.

At the time my main disappointment was the bacon: it was overdone. Better than being underdone, but still, burnt is burnt. Also it was clear that the Choron sauce was instead a Hollandaise. Choron is a variation of Béarnaise without tarragon or chervil, plus added tomato purée. I was certain the aforementioned herbs were not present, but neither was the purée. A berry and yogurt smoothie shot was an unexpected lagniappe, and refreshing.

Later, while reviewing my photos over coffee at Amici Espresso, I noticed…

Holy crap! There were no eggs on my Eggs Benedict! NO EGGS!!! How did I not spot this while I was eating? I didn't feel like traipsing back to BOS to comment on my breakfast, so I sent them an email and waited to see if they would offer a recompense.

And indeed they did. A few days later I received a gift certificate in the mail for a free breakfast. I returned the following weekend for the buffet. The fruit was fresh, the omelet made to spec was decent, and the eggs with spinach and tomatoes was moist. But the bacon, once again, was a stumbling block – overcooked then softened to limpness from the chafing dish. How sad that such fine bacon could be mistreated so.

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