Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Recent bites from Graziano Brothers

I’ve become quite fond of the variety of cheeses offered by Laack Brothers of Greenleaf, Wisconsin. Especially so since Italian specialty grocer Graziano Brothers carries quite a few.

Laack’s Ghost Chile Pepper Jack exhibits perfect jack texture and flavor. The heat is quite balanced, with a smoky finish. Unlike some ‘hot’ cheeses I’ve tried of late [see blog post], this doesn’t taste like a gimmick. Its the real deal!

The Olive Cheddar is a good snackin’ cheese with no shortage of olive flavor. Laack’s Caribbean Red Hot Jack is a favorite I enjoyed after a previous visit [see blog post].

I've also been enjoying the pants off of slices of Laack's Black Pepper Cheddar. Not quite a sharp Cheddar, but close enough to appeal. Flecks of cracked black peppercorns entice thrice: texture, aroma, and flavor. Another cheddar of note is Laack’s boisterously so Garlic Cheddar. I snacked through a half-pound of it in two days.

Its not all cheese for delicious buys from Graziano's. Mezzetta’s garlic and dill peperoncini rock my world with all the flavor it offers. Molto buono!

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