Thursday, March 20, 2014

More things 'killer' at B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli.

B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli is favorite place of mine for an indulgence. A truly guilty pleasure can be had when you take B&B’s chorizo breakfast burritos, wrap them in bacon, then deep-fry the whole lot. Oy! When this option was offered to me I ordered a trio. Foolish me! I forgotten how filling their small-looking burritos are, and had to wrap one-to-go.

The man responsible for the Sloppy Mike Killer [see blog post] experimented with a sandwich appropriately named the Breakfast Mike Killer, with a burger pattied from a skinned Sheboygan bratwurst, plus bacon, and two cheeses. Its not a menu item yet, and dependent on when a case of brats are in.

Along with my breakfast sandwich I had to enjoy a couple of deep-fried hash brown sticks. Skip dipping these in ketchup, their seasoned with a smidgen of onion powder.

On my first visit of 2014 I brought along my pal Rachael to introduce her to the B&B crew, and purchase some center cut ham for soup. Snacks were offered to us in the form of Italian beef and capicola. I was so taken with both that I returned the next week for a sandwich with both, served simply on a hoagie with mustard and mayo. Though not a true 'killer' sandwich, I still divvied it up in half to enjoy then and later.

Generosity at B&B doesn’t limit itself to lagniappes of meat, such as a cut of steak offered on my last visit. Over the last couple of years I’ve been privy to the occasional toast of whiskey. Among the small assortment of shot glasses is a treasured set that was a gift to the Brooks family by famed bandleader Lawrence Welk. Its a honor to be offered one for a toast with the crew.

B&B is truly the home of all things ‘killer’: Killer sandwiches, and hospitality. Cheers!

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