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In fond memory of Reno's 775 Gastropub, and its kickass Pastrami Sliders.

Holiday Trip to Las Vegas and Reno, Part 10
December 30, 2013

UPDATE: 775 Gastropub has since closed.

After my first night spent in outskirts of Reno, nestled in the Virginia Foothills – surrounded by goat farmers, wild horse plops in the streets, and the odd meth-head – I awoke to survey my immediate surroundings.

Inside the house I find an homage to Patrick Bateman as portrayed by Christian Bale, rendered by notable Iowa pop artist Buffalo Bonker. Homemade bludgeoning tools fashioned by pal Yvonne’s father were appropriately adjacent.

In the backyard, a more sinister scene befell me: Mr. Bill, lying face down in the grass, dead of exposure. Ohhhh noooooooooooooo! My doggie friend Okie was counted among the likely suspects.

No visit to Reno is complete without a visit to Twin City Surplus on E. Fourth, a military surplus and outdoor gear store. You never know what you’ll find here: ammunition boxes, tarpaulins, helmet liners, three pound cans of dehydrated cheese, Bowie knives, etc. I have a shoulder bag from here: a gift from Yvonne.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon at the now closed 775 Gastropub, located in Meadowood Mall. To add insult to injury the space is being developed into a Cheesecake Factory, much to the consternation of 775 Gastropub’s loyal patrons.

Settled at the bar, my barkeep was on his game that shift. I enjoyed a sweet, anisey Sazerac cocktail, with a Hendrick's Gin dry Martini for a followup.

Yvonne showed up while I sipped on a coffee-cup sized dose of double espresso. For lunch we split a trio of Pastrami Sliders and a salad with pecans and quinoa. We both delighted over these tidy sandwiches that boasted such big flavors. With lean pastrami, crisp coleslaw, and a Thousand Island dressing, built on a sweet and study roll, the Sliders were exceptional.

A lone leftover sandwich, eaten cold for dinner, was as just as satisfying if not more so. I had spent the month reducing my dangerously high blood sugar levels, and as I achieved new lows in my glucose readings my body struggled to adjust. I was feeling pretty crappy that night when I reached for that slider in the fridge. I perked up with each delicious bite.

To the folks at 775 Gastropub, I bid you a fond adieu.

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