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Breakfast at Perko's gets me on my way, but Wedge in Reno makes for a fine destination.

Holiday Trip to Las Vegas and Reno, Part 9
December 29, 2013

For my final meal in Sacramento I stayed practical and dined at Perko's Café, smack dab between the Holiday Inn where I slept the last two nights and the Amtrak station where I’d catch a ride out of town.

Perko's - a regional chain in California – touts itself as an “upscale family restaurant”, but its more like a Denny’s. In fact, this location in downtown Sacramento was indeed once a Denny’s. I ate there back in 1999.

The Haystack Potato Cakes listed on the menu piqued my interest. On the plate it was rather like hash browns held together with pancake batter. I've had better potato pancakes [see blog post], but they were still decent. On top of the previous evening’s indulgence [see blog post], I only ate about two-thirds.

Boarding the Amtrak bus at the train station, the ride over the Sierra Nevada was pretty uneventful. As planned I jumped off in Truckee to meet up with Yvonne for lunch. Finding the town overrun with well-to-do tourists we drove down to Reno, to find a meal in the MidTown District.

We ended up dining in Wedge – A Cheese Shop on St. Laurence, just off S. Virginia. Yvonne had a tasty panini, while I settled on a delightful cheese & charcuterie plate. The presentation on the plate was world class and the food wasn’t too shabby either.

The marvelous salami de cacao from Zoe's Meats was exceptionally spiced, and offered a subtle heat. Point Reyes’ Bay Blue with a balsamic vinegar reduction drizzle was an insanely delicious combo. The cheese is dryer than our local favorite Maytag Blue, and deeply veined. A competent cheddar, an eye-catching medley of olives, pecan halves, and crackers rounded out the plate.

As much as I am in love with The Cheese Shop of Des Moines [see blog post], I am quite pleased to find a quality cheese monger in Reno. And being just across the street from the Reno Public House, a fine purveyor of exceptional spirits and beers [see blog post], makes St. Laurence Ave. a go-to place for an afternoon nosh and post-meal whisky.

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