Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lunch at Noble Pie Parlor followed by dinner at Süp makes an otherwise lackluster day.

Holiday Trip to Las Vegas and Reno, Part 13
January 2, 2014

I started my last full day in Reno with Yvonne at Josef's Vienna Bakery Cafe & Restaurant on W. Moana. Marveling at the baked goods offered here, I was hopeful for an equally marvelous breakfast.

Yvonne ordered some Breakfast Crepes, but found them disappointingly cool on the edges. On my side of the table, the Tamale and Eggs – a jalapeño and queso fresco tamale topped with eggs any style was fine, but not quite as satisfying as I hoped. A side of crispy applewood smoked bacon elicited more pleasure.

Striking out on my own, I took the RTC bus out to Sparks for shits and giggles. I surveyed Victorian Square, the supposedly revitalized downtown, and found it dead as a doornail. Mind you it was a weekday morning, but the only sign of activity to be found was a trickle of seniors walking into the ass-end of John Ascauga's Nugget.

Having tried the Awful-Awful burger at the Little Nugget Diner [see blog post], I was curious about Ascauga's offering, but unlike the Little Nugget, the Awful-Awful at Ascauga's isn’t available 24 hours a day. I didn’t feel like waiting another hour, so I caught the next bus back to Reno to kill some time purusing the detritus at Twin City Surplus.

From there I walked a couple miles east to a favorite haunt, The Patio Bar on W. Fifth where I relaxed with a Jameson on ice, but not before being served the wrong liquor which incidentally had a gnat-like object floating in the bottom of the glass. As I sipped upon my intended beverage, I scoped out my fellow patrons at the bar: one was on oxygen, one had a broken foot, and another had both legs replaced. Yikes!

For lunch I had a slice of an über-thin crust pizza with mozzarella and pecorino at Noble Pie Parlor, plus an IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company of Petaluma, Califonia. A delightfully competent slice, boasting structure, flavor, and best of all, foldability. The IPA was crisp, dry, and easy to quaff.

Once again a walkabout down S. Virginia St. through the MidTown District was in order. Briefly I pursued the incredibly dusty selection of unsold liquors at Nahar Food and Liquor, a sad little dump, peddling booze, smokes, and the odd questionable substance as evidenced by past legal issues.

Needing further sustenance I stepped into nearby Süp for a bowl of their magnificent vegan Minestrone, with a lagniappe – a bite-size chocolate oatmeal cookie. What a treat! The soup was extraordinary, with plenty of vegetables, beans and pasta, swimming in a flavorful suspension. Its was a life affirming meal, and as things turned out I probably should have ordered their tempting Toasted Veggie sandwich along with it.

I quickened my journey south with a ride aboard an RTC express bus to Meadowood Mall. Despite the soup and slice of pizza I ate earlier, I felt a deep crash set in as I waited for a pick up. I was still adjusting to reduced blood glucose levels, and apparently I had gotten down to a new low that I wasn’t ready for.

By the time Yvonne had arrived, shortly after sundown, I was slumping where I sat, either it been the bench outside the mall or in the passenger seat of Yvonne's truck. Back at the house, some orange juice fixed that.

Signage, both tempting and not so much, as I travailed the streets of Reno.

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