Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hit-and-Miss eats at Jordan Creek.

On a couple of afternoons spent at Jordan Creek Town Center, frought with indecision leading up to my first Mac purchase, I visited the Food Court for lunch.

I’m unsure of what makes Famous Teriyaki famous. It certainly can’t be for the Veggie Delight, a stir fry of cabbage with some broccoli, and a few slivers of carrot, all doused in a bland, sweet Teriyaki sauce. A massive gob of rice underneath was mostly uneaten. An egg roll on the side was fairly uninteresting.

The dissatisfaction I had in my meal exacerbated my disappointment in test driving a laptop in the Apple Store. The noise and clamor had me exiting the store unsure if ditching Windows for Mac was a good idea or not. A short walk to the calmer confines of Best Buy allowed me more time to acquaint myself with the MacBook Pro.

On the day of the momentous purchase I bolstered my spirits with a freshly-rolled Pretzel Dog from Pretzelmaker, just around the corner from the Food Court. Its curious how something so simple could be so satisfying. I left the mall that afternoon with a sated belly, a credit card debt, and the latest MacBook Pro in a stylish Apple Store plastic drawstring bag.

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