Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer beers to enjoy at Exile Brewing… and a surprising appetizer!

On visits to Exile Brewing in the last few months, I’ve been impressed with new offerings on tap. Roxy is a New Zealand-style pale lager that's hoppy, but still approachable for most palates.

The dark seduction of Mamie, a Schwarzbier, beguiles the palate with a light roasty sweetness. Knee High Summer Rye is a surprising departure from Exile Brewing's otherwise floral profile. Its bitterness sways me.

While quaffing a stein of Mamie I felt the need for an appetizer. So what evil lurks within Exile’s Graziano sausage Meatsticks? Why its mozzarella! How’s that for a turn on the staid cheesestick? They please on many levels: presentation, flavor, and texture.

Oh Exile! Must you tempt me with beer, meat and cheese?

The latest 'fruit' of Exile Brewing’s labors is their seasonal brew, the Giving Tree IPA. With a pronounced aroma of grapefruit, drinking this ale is like eating a slice of grapefruit with the pith – its bitter but very refreshing. I declare this the official beer of summer 2014! Can we get some kind of medal struck for this occasion?

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