Monday, June 30, 2014

Random Bites of Detritus: Jersey Guys Pizza, Café Baratta's, Big Daddy's.

UPDATE: Ownership of Jersey Guys Pizza changed hands on March 2, 2015, and the restaurant has since been renamed as GoodSons Pizzeria.

Here's a Cheesesteak pizza from Jersey Guys Pizza. No slouching on this build. Its not just the finely chopped beef, fried onions, and cheese wiz that you see on top, but also an honest-to-goodness cheese pizza underneath. You get a taste of both cheesesteak and pizza.

Below left is a substantial Blue Plate Lasagna from Café Baratta's in the State Historical Sociery Building. Though served in a white bowl, it is no less delicious. At right, Big Daddy's Cherries Flambé hot sauce is resplendent in both cherry flavor and heat! What could this accentuate? Chops? A mild bratwurst? Vanilla ice cream even? Give it a try.

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