Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last morning in Reno, and trackside in parts eastward.

May Trip to Reno, Part 15;
May 18-19, 2014

I spent my last morning in Reno with Yvonne at The Stone House Cafe for breakfast. I ordered the daily special, a chipotle-infused gravy atop biscuits and chorizo sausage patties, with hash browns and eggs to order, while Yvonne opted for a smoked salmon omelet with cottage cheese and toast. The savory, spicy gravy and the hand-pattied chorizo were as delicious as they were inventive.

Later in the day, Yvonne was able to break away from work for a beverage at one of my favorite haunts, The Patio on W. Fifth. Given the opportunity I partook of a last minute indulgence, a pepperoni and onion pizza from J.J.’s Pie Co. across the street. J.J's offers one of my favorite builds ever, The Valdez [see blog post], but this much simpler construct was no less satisfying. Aside from a slice for Yvonne, I polished off the pizza in no time. Walking back to Yvonne’s vehicle for the ride back to the station, my last image of Reno was of a forest fire in the distance.

We arrived in Winnemucca on time, but had to spend an hour waiting for a rested crew to arrive. Enough time for some passengers to shop a nearby convenience store, and afford others an opportunity to pose for a pic in front of a sleepy bar. Tourists!

From left: Forest fire in the distance; Trackside in Winnemucca.

In Salt Lake City we spent over three hours cooling our heels while waiting for a Union Pacific pilot to accompany the train on our detour through Wyoming, long enough to greet the morning sun rising above the Wasatch.

UTA FrontRunner commuter trains on their first runs of the morning from downtown Salt Lake City.

From left: Amtrak’s California Zepyhr on layover in Salt Lake City; dawn breaks over the Wasatch.

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