Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tastes of the 2014 Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market, Part 2

UPDATED Saturday, September 27, 2014

The best burrito offered at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market, IMHO, comes from the Mexican family stand located inside Pints. A chorizo breakfast burrito, above left, with potato, egg, bacon, cheese is superior! Their breakfast taco, above right, isn't too shabby either. Some sprigs of cilantro and a squirt of their zesty salsa verde completes the dish to my liking. The burrito stand also offers omelets, below, made to order with all the fixings you can pile on top, plus a side of chunky country-style breakfast potatoes.

Tamale's Industry started offering a trio of their tamales at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market this year. Clockwise from above right, spicy chicken with green chile, mild beef, and spicy pork.

Strudl Haus offers some spicy tube meats, including an Andouille-style sausage, above left. Its zippy with a snappy skin. Their Polish White Lightning, above center, is an aggressively red pepper flaked spiced pork/beef sausage. Epic heat makes for tasty meat. Above right, the Market didn't look like it was hurtin' too much during the few weeks without the gringo burrito peddlers.

I could not wait to snack on these magnificent heirloom cherry tomatoes from Cleverley Farms. And Larry Cleverley can sure grow a pair… of onions, that is! Appropriately this variety is called Big Daddy.

For more tastes of the Market, see Part 1.

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