Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eat at Joes… Java Joes

It was a two espresso morning on my first visit to Java Joes’ location at DART's Central Station. Since then, I’ve settled on fresh drip decaf for my go-to beverage.

For eats Java Joes at DART offers breakfast items, sandwiches, and the odd pre-packaged snack. The BLT is a decent little sandwich, albeit a bit pricey. Chocolate mini-muffins are a dandy little bite and quick carb fix before catching a bus.

At Java Joes’ original location on Fourth St. the menu is more varied, and with vegetarian fare as well such as the Not Italian Sausage – a split and grilled vegetarian sausage on a toasted hoagie with provolone, peppers, onions, and marinara on the side. Its tasty; the marinara adds some needed moistness.

For breakfast I’ve enjoyed Java Joes’ very fresh-tasting Breakfast Blend scramble, with choice of meat, tomato, red onion, three cheeses, and a pepper medley. The peppers and onions are toothsome, while the tomato offers brightness.

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