Thursday, October 23, 2014

Looking back at Zombie Burger's KISS Week specials.

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab throws out some pretty crazy, yet inventive Burger Specials of the Week. When the quintessential 1970s arena rock band KISS played at Wells Fargo Arena back in August, Zombie Burger wasn’t content for just a single burger but an entire KISS Week Special Menu featuring a trio of KISS themed burgers, a chili dog, tricked out French fries, and even a shake in homage to Def Leppard whom co-headlined the tour.

While the masses justifiably clamored for burgers with such ingredients as Riesling-poached pears, Red Bull-Cherry koolickles, and lightning bolt shaped pepper jack croquettes, I focused like a laser rock show effect on the coney and fries.

I was quite taken with the Detroit Rock City Coney. Magnificent chili sauce, huge deep-fried wiener, homemade cheese whiz; heck, even the bun is a vast improvement over what I’ve had at Zombie Burger in the past [see blog post]. I waggle my woefully short tongue in approval.

The KISS Army-Style Fries borrow a concept from In-N-Out Burger and their not-so-secret menu Animal Fries [see blog post]. Hand cut fries, golden and crispy, topped with minced onion, pepper jack cheese, and Zombie sauce (basically a Thousand Island dressing sans pickle). Everything was in perfect proportion, no single ingredient overshadowed the rest. Short shredding the pepper jack was a stroke of genius, allowing for even distribution, and just enough melt to adhere to the fries while still retaining its shape and texture. It puts In-N-Out Burger’s Animal Fries to shame.

The coney and fries were truly Double Platinum! I long for their return.

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