Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Market Day/Capes' Crafts and Cosplay

The folks at Market Day [see blog post] teamed up with Capes Kafé in the Des Moines Social Club at Ninth & Mulberry for a pop-up geek craft and cosplay event this past September. Below is just a sampling of the crafters and wares featured.

Items for sale by Toaster Press.

Whimsy aplenty crafted by Pajama Love.

Epic wares from ka Studios Pottery.

Artist Steve Baier offers his award-winning illustrations.

The Sara Initiative brings her talent to the show. And Sara makes for a fetching Tank Girl!

Artist Cat Rocketship frames up the wide selection of arts and crafts for sale.

From left: Finely crafted bling from daniAWESOME adds a touch of class; Gift wrap from XO-LP for your newly acquired geek craft; Capes Kafé spared no expense for Imperial security for the event.

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