Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fine libations along Farnam Street.

Summertime visits to Omaha, Part 3;
July 19, 2014

Incredibly, despite all intentions of utilizing the Omaha Metro service, I continued with my walk around Omaha, now proceeding westward on Farnam. A 'relief station' along the way sure came in handy.

Farther along at the corner with 25th Street I came upon a shuttered barbecue joint called Smoke Pit BBQ. I found the anthropomorphic illustrations on the outside walls rather amusing.

Coming upon the Midtown Crossing neighborhood for the first time I was fairly impressed with its hub of entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, apartments and condos, neslted amongst corporate headquarters.

Truth at Farnum House Brewing.

At Farnam House Brewing I enjoyed their house Belgian IPA, sporting some hop and malt for character, but light enough for summertime quaffing. Their Grissette Light Saison is a much less heady brew, quite refreshing and most appropriate after time spent mowing the lawn or some other laborious task.

Further on down the road at S. 40th Street I was hoping to score a beverage at Archetype Coffee, but finding it already closed for the day I settled in across the street at Sullivan's Bar, a delightful, proud, Irish tavern, with an honest to goodness regulation table shuffleboard.

I spent about an hour or so there enjoying both fine cocktails and excellent conversation with the affable barkeep. Its always a joy to happen upon a place such as Sullivan's where one can come in as a stranger, but leave with a hearty handshake and an open invitation to return. I hope to do so, and finally get that espresso I had walked so long for.

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Anonymous said...

The next time you wander along Farnam, go a little farther west to the beer mecca that includes an American beer bar (Crescent Moon Ale House), a Belgian beer bar (Max and Joe's), a German beer bar (Huber Haus, inspired by Hessen Hause) and a fine beer store (Beertopia). The variety is amazing. The same guy who owns all this also owns Infusion, which you enjoyed in Benson. And, if you like Reubens, Crescent Moon has a really great one. I very much enjoy your blog, especially the entries on authentic Mexican places that I have, as a visitor from Burlington, have not enjoyed. Although I did find the Salvadoran place on Hubbell. Keep up the good work!