Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Curiosities, signs, and murals in Benson.

Summertime visits to Omaha, Part 8;
August 9, 2014

Paint-by-numbers inside a junk store; Mural on the exterior of Zombie Glass Smoke Shop.

Adjacent signage, fron left: At The Sydney, Our Lady of Guadalupe on a dilapidated apartment entrance, Grampy's Curious Goods.

A favorite mural, on the exterior of Beercade.

Businesses from left: the Barley Street Tavern – not so much on an actual Barley Street, but more of a state of mind… or an alleyway; Come to Lover Luxuries in when you want to dress up for sexy fun time; neon Art Deco signage at Kremer Funeral Home so you can shuffle off this mortal coil in style.

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