Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Latin flavors abound on E. Grand., Part 2.

Visits to Taqueria Jalisco and Pupuseria La Cuscatleca.

Taqueria Jalisco at 1704 E. Grand not only operates a brick-and-mortar restaurant, but occasionally a taco truck parked in the lot outside. Asada and al pastor tacos are pretty good and well worth revisiting, especially if the lines at Tacos Villanueva are long and your hunger is insistent.

From left, asada and al pastor tacos from Taqueria Jalisco.

Pupuseria La Cuscatleca at 1832 E. Hubbell marks the eastern extant of Latin American businesses in the neighborhood, though a few clothiers can be found on Hubbell much farther north. Pupuseria La Cuscatleca offers a fine selection of pupusas. A pupusa is a Salvadoran pancake of cornmeal dough filled with either singly or combinations of cheese, refried beans, meat, spinach, or loroco (a flower bud).

Condiments served up family style include a lightly pickled cabbage and carrot slaw, and two kinds of red salsa. The vinegar dressing on the slaw is well spiced, but not hot. I suggest digging down into the serving bowl for more moister, flavorful slaw. As for the salsas, one is hot, the other not. I prefer the hot, but a green salsa would be a welcome inclusion.

The pupusas offer an even distribution of fillings within, some even overflowing from the sides, and a golden exterior with tasty spots of browning on the cornmeal. Properly topped with slaw and salsa, and you've got quite a meal.

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Vanessa said...

Glad to see you reviewing these restaurants in the city. Have you tried the Ecuadoran restaurant Mi Patria? It's in the same strip mall as the new Jethro's BBQ n' Bacon, in Clive. Cafe Beaudelaire in Ames is also lovely, and both these restaurants have Latin cuisine from South America