Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Random Sips of Detritus in 2014

Nothing but New Belgium at an Up-Down tap takeover.

I saw that your CO2 was running high, one afternoon at the University Library Cafe, but could you have at least gotten the head up to the rim. That's at least an ounce or two.

French press Indian Monsoon Malabar at Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure. Better than sex, but I'm open to second opinions.

German Purity Laws: Great for beer, pretty darn sketchy for everything else.

Gin n' popcorn at The Front Row. Not as sexy as gin n' juice, but that's how I roll.

You are missed, Paul. At The Greenwood.

This Budweiser beer coaster sports an iconic venue that best represents Des Moines. "Holy cow!"

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