Monday, June 29, 2015

Recent eats at Famous Dave's and Cheng's Garden.

If you're a fan of Famous Dave's corn muffins, I've news to report. Its been replaced with a less sweet corn bread, pictured above left with smoked sausage and a side of Wilbur beans. I was told by a server that patrons complained about the muffins sticking to the paper muffin cups. Onion strands, right, served with burnt ends were overwhelmed with a seasoning salt blend. I could only pick at them to confirm my initial assessment, leaving most uneaten.

A craving for wonton soup brought me to Cheng's Garden at 1246 E. 14th. Toothy wontons, clear broth. Scalding hot for dine-in though, and served in a carry-out container. Egg rolls were big and filling, but mono-dimensional in flavor and texture. Good for cold leftovers though.

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