Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The 'terrible twos' weren't so terrible at 515 Brewing's anniversary party.

Back in late March, I had the good fortune to crash 515 Brewing's Terrible Twos Birthday Bash, featuring a hefty compliment of beers, delicious cupcakes from Crème Cupcake made with 515's Wired Heifer coffee milk stout, plus eats from Guru BBQ. I flew through several flights of 515's product.

515's OJ IPA American pale wheat (5.6% ABV) is such a bright offering. Hopped, but most decidedly an appealing wheat beer. The Mediocre American pale ale (6.2% ABV) is a wonderful balance of hops, creaminess, and effervescence. Grapefruit nose, wee orange on finish. The BlackWheat IPA Thang (6.5% ABV) sports an indescribable aroma and flavor. Strong, likely polarizing, but worthy a try.

An outstanding Belgian Paradise pale ale (7.7% ABV) is a mouthful of bubble gum that's creamy, yet bright. The Passé American pale ale (6.2% ABV) is dry, hoppy. Tingly effervescence, goes down like a wheat beer. The Hopititis Imperial IPA (9.0% ABV) is no slough with a tongue-curling hoppiness, a decided flavor and aroma of grapefruit pith, with a wee citrus finish.

515's Undead [English] Red (7.8% ABV) entices with flavors of prune and malt. Malt comes across on the nose as well. It flows swiftly over the tongue. The Numb Nut spiced brown ale (5.9% ABV) is spiced indeed but not overbearing. Smidgen of cocoa on the finish. Tastes like the holiday season. The Sweet Celebration grapefruit wheat (6.9% ABV) has a soft, creamy mouthfeel. Bright, but not as grapefruity as the Hopititis.

For the occasion Guru BBQ provided Korean fusion tacos and smoked pork topped with slaw.

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